Home for Elderly Buddhist Monks, Nuns, and Teachers

Map of locationThe retreat facility of Tsogyal Gephel Jong is located near the city of Pharping, Nepal, beneath the sacred meditation cave of Guru Rinpoche. This Buddhist retreat center is near Pharphing, Nepal and was created by Lama Tsering Gyaltsen, who is a founding teacher of Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute. The great earthquakes of 2015 have rendered most of these building uninhabitable, and most of these people homeless…

Current residents of Centre
Current Residents of Retreat Centre


This retreat centre is a home for elderly Buddhist practitioners who have devoted their lives to prayer and meditation. Basically a home for retired monks. The residents, male and female, range in age from 45 to 75 years old. Some residents are handicapped and benefit from the living and teaching situation available to them at this centre. There are 22 rooms with currently 13 people in residence. The residents pay no rent or utilities but need to prepare their own meals. There are care-givers who assist those in need. The Centre has some sponsors that provide food for residents.

residents wheelchair


Besides living accommodations, the residents have communal kitchens, a three-story temple and Lama Gyaltsen’s home, which is the office and hub of the compound. The centre provides transportation of residents to regional health care facilities and caregivers provide daily assistance to the residents. All of these buildings have significant damage due to the earthquakes in spring 2015.

The Temple

The shrine room is on the main floor, where residents can worship, teach, hold ceremonies. The second floor is for residents and the third floor is used as a library.

Retreat Centre


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