Buddha’s true teaching

Bodhisattva Words:
Many people in the world misunderstand Buddha Shakyamuni’s Holy Dharma. There is a magazine that says “Reincarnation is central to Buddhist beliefs” written in the National Post (linked below); this is absolutely mistaken. Reincarnation means taking another rebirth, this is not a unique characteristic of Buddha Dharma nor something spectacular. There are many people who can remember their past lives and it is not linked to Buddha in any way, it only confirms that there is a future life. Well then what is central Buddha Shakyamuni’s Holy Dharma? It is the absolute view of selfless emptiness, and the absolute conduct of nonviolence. Furthermore, according to the Great Vehicle, it is the unity of selfless emptiness and great compassion. The Holy Dharma can be epitomized into this, and that can be further epitomized into the two truths (relative truth and absolute truth). The tradition that originated in Tibet of recognizing and searching for a reincarnation and putting them on a throne, is not the true Holy Dharma. During the 14th century, this system of reincarnation turned into politics and conflict started. Because of this not being is accord with Buddha Shakyamuni’s teachings, this system has started to become non-benificial to sentient beings. However, through the aspirations of sentient beings, the blessings of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and the infallible truth of interdependence, sometimes sublime beings manifest without being recognized or enthroned, naturally benifiting sentient beings. So therefore, people all over the world need to know the real essence of Buddha’s teachings and not believe in baseless claims such as “Reincarnation is central to Buddhist beliefs”. Buddha’s teachings have the structure of the basis, the path, and the result, but reincarnation has no structure or basis, so who can develop faith and devotion in that?