Buddhism in the West









Bodhisattva Words:
In the west, Buddhist teachers give many empowerments and teachings, and westerners have been requesting many teachings as well. Buddhist teachings have been spreading throughout the world a little bit, but what has been spreading is a mixture of Holy Dharma and Tibetan religious traditions. Some Westerners further mix in their own traditions as well. Therefore, in order to practice the true teachings of Buddha, you need to have discernment and wisdom. For example, “all material things are impermanent, and all samsaric things are suffering” is Buddha’s teaching. But religious traditions build many material things in the name of Buddha Dharma without contentment. So those two things are opposites, that is the difference.
In order for Buddha’s real teaching to spread in the west, one needs to practice and meditate. Talking about it and writing books doesn’t help. If improving the material world was Buddha’s teaching, then everyone in the world would already be a Buddhist practitioner. If that were the case, then there was no reason for Buddha to leave his palace. So to follow the real teachings of Buddha, one needs to rely on a truly compassionate Lama and be a completely devoted student. One shouldn’t follow the money. For the Dharma to have any benefit, it must come through the student’s faith and strength of will, and the teacher’s compassion and blessings. If one thinks the teachings that charge more money are more valuable, and the ones that charge less money are less valuable, or a Lama who is more famous is more qualified, and a Lama who is less famous is less qualified, then there won’t be any blessings. The results of this can be seen in several Dharma Centers by both the teachers and the students.
However, there are many Westerners who truly have Dharma minds, and truly practice the Dharma, so I don’t mean to say that all Westerners are like this, but if one has some experiences through your own practice, you shouldn’t become arrogant. So I pray that all Westerners will become true Dharma practitioners, and practice Buddha’s actual teachings.