Earthquake, 2015

MAP1As a result of the earthquake that hit Nepal this spring in 2015, the Retreat Centre was damaged. There are large cracks on all the floors of the temple with parts of the exterior walls missing and the top floor was shifted several inches off the supporting beams. This is a potentially dangerous situation because it wouldn’t take much more then a rumble for the entire upper floor to come tumbling down.

The cost of repairing the temple building is approximately $50,000.


earthquake damage
 earthquake damage  earthquake damage
 earthquake damage

The resident homes had less damage with some large cracks in the walls. The home of Lama Gyaltsen was destroyed and will need complete reconstruction. The estimated cost for repairing the home and residences is $100,000.


We are asking for help

in the repairs needed for the Retreat Centre to be made safe for it’s residents once again.

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