The Vegetarian!

We human beings are the most intelligent of all the living beings on this planet. We know what is good, what is kind and what is ethical and what is not. We have the ability of speech and powerful abilities of reasoning.
Because of this higher intelligence we are able to avoid having motivations and actions that are negative. We are able to control our actions and make thoughtful decisions. We are able to cultivate a pure and beneficial attitude towards other beings.

All living, sentient beings were born and have a right to live on this earth. Unfortunately many sentient beings, such as animals, are not as intelligent as humans and they don’t know how to claim their rights or fight for themselves. Since they are unable to do this for themselves we must be always kind and supportive towards them. As human beings we have the superior capacity and advantage over animals. We must consider carefully this case of power and responsibility towards weaker species and not harm nor take advantage of them. We must consider the animals life and welfare. We must ask ourselves is it right to take’s others life for meat and enjoyment of flavor?
We must consider the immense amount of suffering we are participating in because of our desire for a tasty meal and our sensory enjoyment from meat. We should think about It!
For example, When a mosquito lands on your hand because it wants to get some food, you get so angry that you kill the mosquito instantly. Why? Because you love your body, and you do not want even the smallest insect to have one bite.
But, hypocritically we eat large amounts of other beings bodies. They also do not want anyone to bite or eat them. Just as we do not want to be bitten or eaten. If we cannot stand the discomfort from one tiny bite from one tiny mosquito than how can we in-turn participate in slaughter and eating of whole animals? Many servings of them in one week, one month, one year and how many in one lifetime. We are afraid of one tiny mosquito bite. We do not want to be hurt by this tiny mosquito and yet we inflict so much pain by killing animals. We are not thinking about what we are doing we are following our culture, we eat meat without thinking what this means.
Please imagine if you are a sheep or a goat you are a prey to many animals. Can you imagine the suffering of being a prey? Of being slaughtered for food? No living creature wants to die, deer and buffalos run for their lives when a predator comes. Do we want to be the predator of animals who cannot even run away?
We have so many choices of food that makes it easy to be less reliant on eating meat. We human beings can survive very easily without meat. With a few minutes of research on the internet you can learn that many respected Doctors now recommend eating less meat for your health.
I have a urgent request to everyone to please try to be vegetarian. To take this issue serious now. Most of us as intelligent and caring people have already tried to be vegetarian, considered vegetarianism or know about vegetarianism. I ask that now you make the choice to live as a vegetarian. Please my request is to become a vegetarian and stop eating meat altogether.
If you cannot do that then continue to contemplate on what I have written and research more on the situation of the animals used for food and my second request is to eat less meat, such as avoid eating meat on the holy days.
My third request is to continue to research and contemplate on the effects of eating meat for yourself, the animals and the planet and refrain from eating meat one day a week or at least one day a month . People who are using animal products for skin care, decoration (such as furs, horns and body parts) or herbal medicines I also request that you consider stopping this and find alternative products to use. These animals are becoming extinct and these animals are needed in this world and are part of our world environment system. Even a small commitment from one person can significantly decrease the suffering and deaths of our animal friends.

Thank you so much.

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